Friday, September 21, 2007

Fall is in the air

Even though today is an abnormally warm day this close to fall, I can still feel the difference.
The difference is in the light. During the summer months the sun changes direction and doesn't shine into my apartment. (Which is nice because it keeps it cool in here).
Then the fall, the sun slowly creeps in. By winter time, the sun is shining half way across my bedroom.
Opie noticed the sun just peeking onto his window perch.

This will be his first fall and winter. He isn't even one year old yet! For a kitty who is still a "kitten" he sure is getting BIG!
I looked over on the bed and there he was, laying there, looking so funny! I had to grab my camera and take a pic of him...again!

Opie is always doing something silly. He has a crazy sense of humor.


turquoise cro said...

OMG!!! HOW CUTE is he??!!!! and long??? He looks soooOOOooo cute and content taking his catnap and then that second pic is too much Tascha!!! Opie sure did give me a chuckle, he IS silly!!! Thanks! Opie!! Kiss your mama and sister for me!!!!

Anonymous said...

Opie is a cute! that pose is crazy!!