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Instructor - Tascha Parkinson graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design in 1997. Since then she has worked as an independent artist selling her artwork through such websites as ebay and etsy.
Tascha has also worked in the commercial art industry teaming up with large companies such as DEMDACO in developing artistic giftware. Tascha also has a line of greeting cards that are distributed in gift shops throughout the USA and Canada.

My favorite artist MODIGLIANI!

Modigliani's style is so recognizable. It is loved the world over. I have painted many ladies in this style and I want to share my techniques with you. In this class we will try a few different medias all influenced by the lovely ladies of Modigliani. The video classes total 100 minutes of instruction to be watched at your leisure throughout the course.

VIDEO 1: The first video is a quick introduction to the man Modigliani.

VIDEO 2: This is a TWO part video we learn how to prepare the canvas for painting and then I take you through, step by step how to paint in acrylic. Step by step I talk through the process from start to finish.

VIDEO 3: In Video 3 (a two part video) we experiment drawing with conte crayons. Pastels can also be used. We sketch on brown paper using different skin tones.

VIDEO 4: In Video 4 I show how to take a Modigliani painting and make it into a quick sketch that can be detailed in watercolors.

VIDEO 5: Our last video focuses on watercolor and mixed media. This is the time to get out all your craft supplies and experiment with adding fun details to your watercolor painting!

Learning with Tascha

Learning with Tascha is an online art school. I offer a wide range of classes that everyone can enjoy. You will be able to watch the classes at your own pace and come back as many times as you like to re-watch the lessons until the semester is over. I have set up a Facebook group for students to get together and share their work.

What you need:

* A computer or ipad
* High speed internet (these videos are long)
* The ability to play videos on your computer (if you can play youtube videos you should be fine)
* 140lb. watercolor paper
* 8 x 10 inch stretched canvas
* Moleskin sketchbook with watercolor paper (or any type of sketchbook)
* Acrylic paints in these colors (if you want to follow my exact painting) Burnt Umber*Yellow Ochre*Naples Yellow*Titanium White*Naphthol Red Light*Olive Green Light*Black* I use the brand "Amsterdam" mostly. Any brand of acrylic paint will do. * Brown toned drawing paper
* Conte Crayons OR Pastels in "set of 12 portrait colors" (red brown*Ultramarine*Orange*Raw Sienna*Umber*Garnet Red*Bordeaux*Naples Yellow*Flesh*Light Orange*Pink*Red Lead*) Plus White and Black. * Bristle Brushes for acrylic and watercolor brushes * pencil and white eraser
* pan set of watercolors * colored pencil crayons * rubber stamps and ink * opaque white gel pen * WHATEVER art journaling supplies you have on hand * an open mind and ready to learn!


CLASS COST - The class is $60.00 SALE PRICE $40.00 for 100 minutes of detailed instruction, Downloadable PDF notes. Videos are available throughout the semester to watch as many times as you like, and the PDFs are yours to keep.


To purchase the "Modigliani" class, pay via the paypal button at the bottom of this page. When I receive your paypal payment, I will send you an email to confirm I received your payment and a link to the school "Learning with Tascha" and the password to get into the class. Please note, It may take up to 14 hours for your invitation to show up in the email (I have to send it manually and it will depend on when I am able to send it, rest assured you will get it within 14 hours). Be sure to check your spam folder as well. Once you do enter the class the fee is non-refundable. See you there! I will email you to let you know your password has been sent. If you have any questions feel free to reply to the email that I sent you and I will assist you.

PRICE: $60.00 SALE PRICE $40.00

Email you use for class

Access until March, 2019


LindieLee said...

Is there a way to see the students work from this class? Will you run the class again?
Love you work - just now saw you have classes.

tascha said...

Hi LindieLee! I am going to show the students work soon. They did an AMAZING job! This has been my best class yet! It is coming to an end, but I hope to offer it again in the fall/winter season.

tutorial girl said...

What a wonderful class. Wow, how good idea. It would be nice to see student work.

Lura said...

is there any way to make payments?? i live on disabilty, a very small amount and would love to take your class by would have to pay it over 2 or 3 months. would that be ok?? xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

I notice that a lot of your classes have access until aug 2014, Do you rerun it again in august? And if you start in August 2014 do you get a year access?(until aug 2015?)

tascha said...

Ning will be changing it's format in August, and it may not work for my classes. Therefore, I am promising access until August, and if I can switch to there new format seamlessly I will just continue on and everyone will get to remain in the class for as long as I have it for. For now though, I am only promising access till August. Hope that answers your question :)

Anonymous said...

Yes,Thank you That does answer my question, and I better sign up soon!

Liberty Aragon said...

Hi, I notice you put "computer or ipad" under requirements. Many people use Android tablets and don't use Apple products. It might be good to include them. Thanks :)